Logic File System

Welcome to LFS, the filesystem of discriminating hackers.


  • 5 Jul 2008: First tutorial draft
  • 3 Jul 2008: A fresh new LFS website !!
  • 30 Jun 2008: A new version of LFS, LFS 0.5, far less invasive allowing the user to keep his traditionnal files as-is. LFS just acts like an additionnal way to access your files. No need to migrate your data to LFS.
  • 1 Sep 2000: Start of my PhD on LFS (yes, 8 years before a real website, I know, I sux)

What is LFS ?

It's the filesystem you always wanted. It's a Semantic_File_System.

Examples of interactions

$ ls '/lfs/ext:c|ext:h/date:*--*--2008/.ext/'

$ mplayer  -z '/lfs/ext:mp3/genre:Disco|genre:Electro/year:<70/.ext/'*.mp3
$ firefox 'http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/lfs_view.query/ext:pdf/.ext/'

Here are additional examples of use of LFS:


For a quick all-in-one guide see quickguide

Other documentation:


You can see quickguide if you want to install and test LFS in a quick way. The quickguide uses the LFS static binary package.

If you want to install LFS from source then read the following instructions:


See http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/software/project-lfs/

You can also clone my mercurial repositories available here http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/hg/hgwebdir.cgi with:

hg clone http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/hg/hgwebdir.cgi/c-lfs  lfs-src
hg clone http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/hg/hgwebdir.cgi/c-commons  commons
mv commons lfs-src/


The LFS project


see http://www.irisa.fr/LIS/home_html and those LFS related bibtex entries and pdf articles

My PhD defense slides (english) and thesis (french).



  • 1 Jul 2008: A fresh new LFS website !!
  • 29 Jun 2008: LFS 0.5, far less invasive
  • x xxx 2006: LFS 0.4
  • 11 Feb 2005: PhD defense
  • x xxx 2005: USENIX (short) paper on PofFS, see pof
  • x xxx 2005: LFS 0.3
  • x xxx xxxx: LFS 0.2
  • x xxx 2003: USENIX paper on LFS
  • x xxx 2002: LFS 0.1
  • x xxx 2001: LFS alpha
  • 1 Sep 2000: Start of my PhD on LFS

Lessons learned

See lessons


This work was supported by INRIA Rennes (a.k.a irisa), France.


If you have any question, send a mail to yoann.padioleau@gmail.com with [LFS] in the subject of your mail.


You can freely edit the following pages comments, feedbacks, lfs-users

You are also welcome to send me patches, or new plugins (cf lfs-src/p_transducer/).

If you want to donate money to support LFS, go to http://aryx.kicks-ass.org/~pad/donate.php.


Feature history

Related work

Note that most of those related work were made after LFS (2003)

See also related.


In the news




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